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[info]awmods [Jun. 2nd, 2019|12:51 pm]
Name: Aly
Age: 28
Email address:
Timezone: gmt+10
Discord: theladyunicorn#3162
Username of journal to be used: [info]theemperorshand
Character tag: mara jade
Fandom: star wars

Name (and any nicknames they use): Mara Jade
Age, Birthdate: 25
Sexuality: Pansexual

Played By: Alina Kovalenko

Mara has many different levels to her personality - who she really is and what she displays to the world and even who she used to be before the Empire fell though the latter two are connected in many ways. Because she was discovered to be force sensitive at a young age, she was kidnapped and raised by Darth Sideous aka Emperor Palpantine who trained her to be the perfect weapon. Over the years with him, she learned not only how to use the force but to hide all signs of her emotions from the outside world and not let them influence (for the most part) her actions. As well as learning how to use the force and therefore a lightsaber, she also trained to be an assassin using various weapons and to this day she is adept at using quite a number of them.

During this time, she was never close to anyone and viewed most people with suspicion, never getting close to anyone else. In fact very few people knew she actually existed, only known through whispers and rumours throughout the Empire.

This training has also lead her to be a strong tactician and highly skilled in a number of other areas including flying, computer use and how to lie convincingly. All of these skills have come in handy over the years - some for good and some for not so good reasons. This has lead her to be incredibly adaptable to any and all situations that she might find herself in. This training has also lead her to become an excellent dancer (though not to many people are aware of this) due to her cover as a court dancer at the Emperor's Palace. One of the other more useful skills that the Emperor and his training instilled in her was the ability to read situations and people in a moment and therefore being able to judge what is needed in them.

Since the fall of the Empire, she has grown as a person but still has many traits that they installed in her. Something she had found useful over the years is her ability to remain calm and collected no matter what the situation is as well as to prioritize the situation. She has also remained in practice with all of the weapons including hand to hand combat that she learned under the Emperor, not allowing her skills to become rusty from disuse.

On the inside though, Mara is a rather trusting person who can show some empathy for people if the situation calls for it though she rarely allows people through her defenses. This, while rare was even present while she was living as the Emperor's Hand, when for example she allowed a person to live even though he was working with the Rebels because he was only co-operating due to the fact they had kidnapped his family. As the years passed, she has become more trusting though there is still only a small amount of people she fully trusts. For those people she can be incredibly stubborn when it comes to protecting them and has no problem in telling them off if she believes that they deserve it.

That trust, extends to her loyalty - to Karrade and to the Emperor. Those are probably the two people she has been truly loyal to in her entire life and to her that's fine. She loves and respects others but she knows not everyone is perfect. Even herself.

Despite all of that, Mara is confused. That is truly the best way to describe it. For the first twenty odd years of her life all she knew was death having lived with the Emperor and trained to be an Assassin. After his death she went Rogue and ended up living her own life which lead to her meeting Karrade. She feels like her life is missing something and that both sides of her - pre-fall of the Empire and afterwards are at conflict with one another and she isn't sure how to come to terms with it all.

Powers (if any): Force sensitive - quite strong
Highly skilled with a number of different weapons
Trained assassin
Skilled dancer
Excellent at judging a situation in moments
Able to read people well - assisted by the Force

Canon Point: 9 ABY
Items: Lightsaber, blaster pistol
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